Jed Marum's latest recording project - planned for release in May, 2016 - started with a phone call from a record industry veteran now retired from Warner Brothers Records. Two of Jed's songs, "Even As I Ramble" and "Calla's Waltz" had moved him enough to call and encourage Jed to produce new recordings of these songs - and also offered to try to help place them in the hands of some former colleagues in the music/film industry who might be able to help. "You know inside you," he told Jed, "that this could be something special. I know that too!"††

A comparison was drawn to the soundtrack of the now acclaimed Ken Burns documentary "The Civil War" and the music of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. "Ashokan Farewell" became an instant classic for them and set the standard for all future recordings for that era. A suggestion was made to reach out to Jay and Molly to see if his music moved them as well and as a result of that call, a new friendship was formed and Jeds new album, "Calla's Waltz" will feature Jay Ungar and Molly Mason on the title track along with Scottish button accordion player, Hugh Morrison, among others throughout the track list. The album will be produced by one of North America's finest folk music producers, Paul Mills of London Ont. It will feature a mix of Celtic traditional and original songs and will be recorded at various studios in New York, Dallas and Toronto.


Another project in the works for next year, Jed has been asked to contribute music to a new film in development right now - a documentary film about the Kansas State song, "Home on the Range." Also contributing music for the film is the popular rock band, Kansas - Michael Martin Murphey - John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) - Martina McBride and others. Jed will appear on-screen as well as being heard on the sound track.††

Jedís last film project was The Road to Valhalla by Lone Chimney Films. Jed composed the original music for the documentary and produced the soundtrack. In addition he made an appearance as a Yankee soldier/musician in one of the scenes and in a music video released along with the film. The Road to Valhalla has had a successful run of independent theaters throughout the US and is†expected to air on PBS or History Channel markets next year. The film won the Western Heritage Award for Documentary of the Year - awarded by the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City OK on Sat Apr 18, 2015.††


Jed Marum is a popular performer and songwriter of American Roots and Celtic music.

Bringing a mix of traditional and original songs to audiences throughout the US, Jed is known as a refined singer and a gifted storyteller. Since 1999 he has published over a dozen albums, licensed music to several film and TV projects and he works over 150 shows each year. You can hear in his music, the blending of American, Scottish and Irish cultures. In his songs you will relive the stories passed on from generation to generation.†Here are a†couple of recent quotes:†

Nicky Rossiter is program host on Ireland's South East Radio says,

"Jed Marum has his genetic roots in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Those genes must come from a long line of bards and storytellers to judge from his recorded output - he never fails to deliver!"

James P. Gannon former Wall Street Journal editor and author of "Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers" writing about one of Jed's songs said,

"Prayer from Little Round Top is the song one of the great Irish poets might have written had he marched to Gettysburg with Jed's Irish immigrant from Alabama. The melody seems to well up from some misty glen in Connemara, wrapping the soldier's sad story in a teardrop. It may mark me as a sentimental Irish man to say this, but if you can listen to this haunting song without finding your eyes moistening, then somewhere along life's way, you've lost your soul."

Jed has a very active performance schedule. The details for his shows are listed on the website calendar.