Jed Marum in concert in San Luis Obispo, CA - photo by MoorePhotography, 2014

Jed Marum is a performer of American Roots and Celtic music. Bringing a mix of traditional and original songs to audiences throughout the US, he is known as a refined singer and a gifted songwriter. Since 1999 he has published over a dozen albums, licensed music to film and TV projects and works over 150 shows each year - with his band and as a solo. You can hear in his music, the blending of American, Scottish and Irish cultures. In his songs you will relive the stories passed on from generation to generation.

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Film News

The newest film project for Jed, The Road to Valhalla has won the Western Heritage Award for Documentary of the Year! The award ceremony will be held at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City OK on Sat Apr 18, 2015!

Jed produced the soundtrack for the recently released movie by Lone Chimney Films featuring Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke, Tombstone, Cowboys and Aliens and many many others) and Michael Martin Murphey (Wildfire, Carolina in the Pines, Whats Forever For and many cowboy country hits).

Jed also composed the original music for the film and made an appearance as a Yankee soldier/musician in one of the scenes along with Murphey and the band. The film is currently playing in theaters throughout the US and will play PBS later this summer.

Jed and Murphey and Band photo JedMarumwithMichaelMartinMurpheyandband-SMALL_zpsf6a48016.jpg

Pictured above left to right: Travis Ener, Jed Marum, Michael Martin Murphey, Rob Loren and Ranger Stan Greer on location with Lone Chimney Films in Wichita KS, filming and recording for their new film, The Road to Valhalla.

This is the fourth major film project for Jed, the complete listing for the others is included on the BIO page.

Sound Track Album

Lone Chimney Films and Boston Road Records has released the soundtrack album from the film in CD and Digital formats. The sound track album is called Even As I Ramble and it is available through Lone Chimney Films, at CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes and all the major Digital Music distributors. Jed produced the album, including two tracks he recorded with Michael Martin Murphey and his band. In addition there are some choral pieces and a track from a period brass band. It is a powerful and beautiful collection of music.

Here is a playlist on SoundCloud streaming music from the album.

The New Year!

In January Jed travels to the South Florida Folk Festival with Rickey Pittman - and then in February it is the Mardi Gras Celtic Folk Cruise out of New Orleans with Danny O Flaherty.

Also in February he has tour dates in Mobile AL, Jackson and Hattiesburg, MS, and then back to Florida for the historic event at Okeechobee with Rickey Pittman.

March is full with festivals in South Texas and West Texas and Louisiana - and there is St Patricks Day in New Orleans with Hugh Morrison.

In May Jed will be touring west for the Tucson Folk Festival and concert dates along the way, then the Texas Scottish Festival - and concerts in Monmouth NJ and Selma AL. There are dates in the works for April and in between - and there are local Dallas dates, as well that will be added, so please watch the calendar for details!

There are a number of festivals with the band planned for the next year, including: There other shows in the works, including concert dates in Ireland and a return trip to the west coast - so please watch for details here!

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Work on New Album Begins

Jed has begun work on a new ballads album for release late in 2015. For this album he has collected a number of long loved, long favored Scottish and Irish songs plus a few originals in the old ballad style. Here is a sample from the album - recorded by Gordon McLeod at his studio in the Dallas area. Gordon also plays the mandolin and violin parts:


Mar 20 Dallas, TX Trinity Hall

Mar 26 Jackson, MS Fenian's Pub

Mar 30 DFW Private Function

Apr 4 McKinney, TX Churchills British Pub with Michael William Harrison

Apr 5 DFW Private Function

Apr 11 Addison, TX Dunn Bros Coffee Shop

Apr 17 Shreveport, LA Noble Savage Tavern

Apr 18 Minden, LA Scottish Tartan Festival

Apr 25 Bedford, TX Dannys Celtic Pub with Red McWilliams

Apr 27 San Angelo, TX Chicken Farm Art Center

Apr 28 Midland, TX Midland Celtic Concert Series

Apr 29 Tucson, AZ Tucson House Concert Series

May 2 Tucson, AZ Tucson Folk Festival

May 2 Tucson, AZ Tucson Folk Festival

May 3 Tucson, AZ Tucson Folk Festival

May 8-10 Arlington, TX Texas Scottish Festival

May 8 DFW Private Function

May 16 Manalapan, , NJ Monmouth County Library with Civil War Sesquicentennial Concert

May 21 Jackson, MS Fenian's Pub

May 22 Meridian , MS Brick Haus Bar

May 23 Selma, AL Dedication of Confederate Circle

May 30 Northfield School of Liberal Arts

Jun 19 Shreveport, LA Noble Savage Tavern

Jun 20-21 Brandon, MS SCV Camp 265 CW Show

Jul 4 DFW Private Function

Aug 1-2 Windham, NY Windham Civil War Gathering & Encampment

Aug 21 DFW Private Function

Sep 18-20 Tulsa, OK SCOTFEST

Nov 19 DFW Private Function


Mar 4-6 Dallas, TX North Texas Irish Festival with Lonestar Stout

Mar 20-27 New Orleans, LA St Patrick Caribbean Music Cruise! 2016 with Danny O'Flaherty

Apr 16-24 Ireland Tour with Mark Clavey

May 20-22 Sacramento, KY Battle of Sacramento

Promo Pics

A series of downloadable of Photos at flickr of Jed and music friends at various locations around the US and Scotland.

A series of High Resolution Promo pics. Click the link then right click and save the one or ones you like.

About the Music
Jed Marum albums play regularly on Folk/Bluegrass and Celtic radio programs around the world. His music is also distributed widely on all the major MP3 services. Jed plays over 150 shows each at festival and concert venues throughout the US and will soon add Scotland and Ireland to his touring area.

Reflected in his song writing and song selection is a keen interest in history and the passing of culture from generation to generation. Jed performs traditional songs and contemporary songs in musical style that is both Celtic and American, with strong Bluegrass roots.

Nicky Rossiter is host of STORIES on Irelands South East Radio says,

"Jed Marum has his genetic roots in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Those genes must come from a long line of bards and storytellers to judge from his recorded output. I have collected a number of albums from this troubadour and he never fails to deliver."

James P. Gannon former Wall Street Journal editor and author of "Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers" writing about one of Jed songs said,

"Prayer from Little Round Top is the song one of the great Irish poets might have written had he marched to Gettysburg with Jeds Irish immigrant from Alabama. The melody seems to well up from some misty glen in Connemara, wrapping the soldiers sad story in a teardrop. It may mark me as a sentimental Irish man to say this, but if you can listen to this haunting song without finding your eyes moistening, then somewhere along lifes way, youve lost your soul."

From Marius Donnelly, Proprietor at Trinity Hall:
Jed Marum brings out the Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and a great voice to sing of Ireland, America and how we got to where we are today!

From Betsy Cummings, the Entertainment Director for the North Texas Irish Festival:

Jed is known as a gifted singer, a unique and talented player and an accomplished songwriter. He is a warm and comfortable performer with a story to tell and gift for the telling. What sets Jed Marum apart from other Celtic/Folk artists is the performance concepts and delivery he brings to the stage and the historical significance, poignancy and emotion that his songs evoke, in addition to being a great singer and a stellar player.

Jed is one of my favorite performers.

Jed Marum and His Music Friends
Over the years Jed has worked on a number of recording projects with music friends including Brian McNeill - Michael Martin Murphey - Paul "Curly Boy Stubbs" Mills - Hugh "Shuggie" Morrison.

Jed has also worked on-stage with these friends in addition to others including Seamus Kennedy - Connie Dover - Jean Redpath - Alasdair Fraser - John Taylor - David Kincaid - Ross Holmes - Paddy Keenan and many many more.

This Youtube video is a collection of photos from recent travels, from shows and sessions.

Trad Folk Album of the Year - 2009
The Jed Marum album CROSS OVER THE RIVER: A Confederate Collection WON the Traditional/Folk Album of the Year Award in the JP Folk Awards program - out over 42,000 albums published in 2009. The album is a collection of true stories from history in song, as retold from the points-of-view of the American and Irish Americans who fought and reflects a true and South positive image throughout.

Recent Festival Appearances
Tucson Celtic Festival - Tucson - AZ
Tucson Folk Festival - Tucson - AZ
South Florida Folk Festival - Ft Lauderdale - FL
Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Festival - Oak Forest - IL
Celtic Nations Heritage Festival - Lake Charles - LA
Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival - Monroe - LA
Folklore Society of Greater Washington Festival - Silver Spring - MD
Weston Irish Festival - Weston - MO
Loch Norman Scottish Festival - Huntersville - NC
Plainsong Folk Festival - Martell - NE
Oklahoma Scottish Festival - Tulsa - OK
Houston International Festival - Houston - TX
International Accordion Festival - San Antonio - TX
North Texas Irish Festival - Dallas - TX
Texas Scottish Festival - Arlington - TX
Tacoma Highland Games - Graham - WA

Recent Concert Appearances
Living Traditions Presentations - Flagstaff - AZ
Shreveport House Concerts - Shreveport - LA
Open Book - Canton - MA
The Narrows Center for the Arts - Fall River - MA
South Portland Concert Series - Portland - ME
Crescent Moon Coffee - Lincoln - NE
KGLP/NPR Concerts at El Rancho Hotel - Gallup - NM
Sand Lake Center for the Arts - Averill Park - NY
Tulsa House Concert Series - Tulsa - OK
UCO Jazz Lab - Edmund - OK
McNamaras Pub Presents - Nashvilee - TN
Anderson Fair - Houston - TX
Open Door Coffeehouse - Arlington - TX
Uncle Calvins Coffeehouse - Dallas - TX
Keg and Barrel – Concert Series - Hattiesburg - MS
The Millstream - Toronto ONT - Canada
St John Theatre - Listowel, Kerry - Ireland
Briery Gap Cultural Centre - Macroom, Cork - Ireland
The Axis Theatre - Ballymin, Dublin - Ireland
Black Watch Pub - Aberfeldy - Scotland
Music Projects

Live and Recorded Music on Youtube

The box below will stream a playlist of Youtube videos of Jed Marum music, some from live shows, some from album recordings, some with the full Lonestar Stout band, and some solo. You can play the videos in the embedded box below, or click the playlist link in the upper left corner to play directly from Youtube in a new window.


All of these Jed Marum albums have been released by Boston Road Records are distributed around the world in Digital and CD format by CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and many other retail and MP3 outlets.

2000 STREETS OF FALL RIVER (digital only)
2004 FIGHTING TIGERS OF IRELAND (digital only)

Video and Film Projects

Major Film - TV Releases

Jed has written, produced and recorded music for a number of international film and TV productions that have been released in recent years, including four major Film and TV projects for:

Two documentary films with Lone Chimney Films, each played independent theaters throughout the US and PBS television.

The Road to Valhalla movie trailer on Youtube

Released in 2014. "When the Civil War erupted in 1861, it was a shock to many Americans. It was not a shock to the people of the Kansas-Missouri border. They had been at war since 1854, fighting for whether or not Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. Kansas entered the Union in January of 1861 as a free state at the same time that southern states were seceding from the Union. Over the next four years, the border war would escalate until it became difficult to tell friend from foe and many had even forgotten the source of the disagreement. Battles, irregular warfare, the largest civilian massacre on a city and forced evacuations characterized this challenging period. The conflict would end, the Union would be restored and, amazingly, former enemies would become neighbors again."
- Ken Spurgeon, Executive Director

Bloody Dawn - movie trailer on Youtube

Released in 2007. On Friday, August 21, 1863. dawned clear and bright in the sleepy abolitionist town of Lawrence, Kansas. Its citizens awoke that morning unaware that the feared Missouri raider William Quantrill and more than 400 of his followers were bearing down on them intent on retribution, bloodshed and destruction. A few hours later, nearly 200 men and boys lay dead, the ruins of buildings and homes smoldered, and raiders raced for the safety of the Missouri border. It was the worst act of terrorism committed against civilians during the Civil War. Survivors would rebuild and later recount their tales. Here is their story.

A Television Series by Blackhawk Productions for the Playboy Channel

True Lives - reality TV series trailer on Youtube

Released 2005. Just how real are people on reality shows.... are they still "real people" when they know they have a camera in their face? What if they did not know. To find out we went in search of 6 people to let us invade their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 3 months. We told them they would be followed around by cameras every where they went... what we did not tell them was that the Castle we were moving them into was wired with Hidden Cameras. They just assumed (as we hoped) that when the camera crew left the room, they were off camera. Reality TV has finally crossed the line.

A feature film for general release by Production Companies: Burkhardt/Griffith Productions - Deeper Magic Communications - Roaring Leo Productions

Thank You, Good Night - movie trailer on Youtube

Released in 2001. It is April 1994. The Handy Kaufmans are New Jerseys foremost underachieving rock band. Kurt Cobain has just committed suicide, and this band full of slackers is about to embark on one final tour. They have been at it for four years. Either they make it big this time they grab the brass ring of a record contract or they resign themselves to a life of nine-to-five mediocrity. Lee, the band leader and drummer, is a control freak who also never finishes what he starts. Mike, the chief songwriter, tries to emulate the tortured-artist lifestyle of the rock-and-roll icons he idolizes, like Cobain. Donnie, lead singer and compulsive womanizer, and Big Frank, the incompetent but golden-hearted manager, round out the band personnel. (Their bassist, Jim, electrocutes himself in a drunken pissing contest.) The Kaufmans are joined by last-minute replacement Trixie, a wild rock-and-roll beauty and bassist who sparks up Lees dormant romantic instincts. What will this tour across the Midwest and New York State hold for the and? Will they be able to overcome their own worst enemies themselves in their quest to make it to the final gig? It is there, at a huge state fair, that Lee expects a powerful record company executive to see their performance. He will sign them, Lee vows, and catapult them to their dream of stardom.

In addition he has licensed his music for use in a variety of museum and historical event films.

Interviews and Live Performances

Jed Marum Interview for The Road to Valhalla

Best Civil War Fiddler Banjo Player Duo! Come Back Katy

Where the Green Grass Grows (c) Jed Marum 2001

The Shenandoahs Run (c) Jed Marum, 2006

Wild Geese aka Norland Wind

Liberty Ridge String Band

Jed Marum "West Texas Wind"

Videos and Film Productions

LORENA - Michael Martin Murphey, Jed Marum and Friends

Even as I Ramble Performed by Jed Marum

Last Day of May

Bloody Dawn: The Lawrence Massacre trailer

Jed Marum and Music Friends

The Road to Valhalla Trailer 1

Relive the Legend

Jed and Music Friends

Jed Marum and Music Friends


Newest Releases - Film

The Lone Chimney Film production, The Road to Valhalla is available now on DVD. Jed wrote the original music, produced the sound track and makes a brief appearance in the film. He is also featured in the DVD extras; music video and interview.

Bloody Dawn is also available on DVD from Lone Chimney Films. This full length documentary features Jed Marum music and includes etras with the DVD.

Newest Releases - Audio

Old Favorites

These fan favorite albums are available at CDBaby, Amazon iTunes and more. Here are quick links to them at CDBaby.

CDBaby On-line Store

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